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Not All Homes are Created Equal
Contracting with a qualified reputable custom home builder, that focuses on structural integrity,
will help you avoid having these shortcuts applied in the construction of your home;

    1. Building to meet the minimum requirements of local building codes or by building in areas where no building codes are enforced. In this way, they do not have to follow even these minimal building standards.
    2. Concentrating on providing amenities and “fluff” that sell their homes instead of quality construction. Most things that make quality construction consumers cannot see.
    3. Providing little or no supervision of the subcontractors on the job site or employing inexperienced supervisors just out of college. In effect you have the subs policing themselves. (i.e., “letting the foxes run the henhouse”)
    4. Employing the cheapest, unskilled labor instead of knowledgeable tradesman.
    5. Installing poorly designed and constructed foundations that are not excavated deeply enough or that use sand vs. select fill;
    1. are too thin and too shallow to properly support the house;
    2. have inadequate beams to support the house;
    3. does not use enough rebar or cables for support;
    4. does not use sufficient piers or whose piers do not go deep enough to reach stable soil;
    5. uses concrete that is not strong or dense enough;
    6. adds water to the concrete during pouring;
    7. does not use a pump truck or vibrate the forms to push the concrete into all corners;
    8. whose forms are not strong enough, high enough, or are not supported well enough and become bowed or out of square;
    9. not ensuring foundation is level.
    1. Nailing the exterior house framing to the foundation instead of using bolts in the foundation to tie the home together properly.
    2. Using cheap sheathing that does not breathe correctly.
    3. Framing sloppily, out of plumb and level, with large gaps and incorrectly constructing joists, rafters and headers.
    4. Using low quality, “builder’s grade” products and fixtures throughout.
    5. Framing on 19.0 + inch centers vs. 16 inch centers.
    6. Framing over too great an expanse without proper support.
    7. Using inadequate roof bracing.
    8. Installing a 13 SEER rated A/C system versus a 14-15 SEER system.
    9. Not designing or installing the HVAC system correctly. (They are not elevated properly or drain improperly.)
    10. Using a generic brand or a “builder’s grade,” A/C unit.
    11. Using low-grade A/C ducts that are joined using shiny tape and mastic alone versus the appropriate nylon webbing and mastic. These joints will fail in a few years.
    12. Installing substandard, poorly designed plumbing systems and installing plumbing incorrectly.
    13. Employing SDR thin walled schedule 30 pipe with weak fittings versus schedule 40 PVC.
    14. Using type “M” copper versus the better (more expensive) type “L.”
    15. Using thin plumbing sleeves through the concrete forms that eventually break.
    16. Installing the showers and tubs incorrectly; using standard sheetrock or “greenrock” instead of the appropriate fiber cement backer board in the tub and shower surrounds.
    17. Deleting shower pans or installing them incorrectly.
    18. Nailing versus nailing and screwing sheet rock.
    19. Employing unskilled labor to sheetrock, tape and float and hiding the imperfections by applying thick texture.
    20. Incorrectly installing the roof.
    21. Omitting or installing flashing and sheet metal incorrectly.
    22. Installing a roof without base felt.
    23. Using low-end, cabinets and low-end hardware.
    24. Employing oversized queen or king size brick vs. standard brick.
    25. Failing to install brick ties to keep the brick attached to your home.
    26. Using cheap, single pane, metal frame, less energy-efficient windows.
    27. Not using house wrap or incorrectly installing it.
    28. Dramatically reducing or eliminating eaves in home design. Eaves cool your home and protect your windows and doors from rain.
    29. Reducing the number, quality and size of cabinets.
    30. Using low-grade paint without primer.
    31. Using “builder’s grade” carpet and thin padding.
    32. Not installing proper drainage.
    33. Not grading the property so moisture flows away from the home.
    34. Installing cheap, vinyl siding that does not breathe in humid areas.
    35. Installing windows or doors that will rot very soon.
    36. Not installing bathrooms properly to protect from moisture.
    37. Improperly installing or “skimping” on insulation.
    38. Improperly caulking and sealing homes from moisture.
      We recommend that you get 3 different estimates before you build your home then choose a known quality builder
      that has an excellent reputation for customer service.
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